How to track my VAT refund status?

After we receive your Tax Free Form, you will be able to track the present status of all your Tax Free Forms at any time convenient to you. In order to track the status of your refund simply enter the serial number on the Tax Free Form and purchase date in "Refund Tracker".

We offer to take a new advantages of RefundOffice Tax Free Shopping online processing system and sign-up your personal account to administer
your refund applications!
In RefundOffice you can register your Tax Free Forms and assign convenient method of payment as well to have access to all your Tax Free documents.


How can I recognize the VAT refund payment on my bank account statement?

In your bank statement the refund will appear as:
- "O3 SIA (remitter name), REFUNDOFFICE, TFF#*************(purpose)" for payments to current account;
- "REFUNDOFFICE" for payments to credit card.